Selling Your House in Brittany

Modern French EstateLet’s be honest; it’s not always easy to sell a house in Brittany. I have known properties sold within weeks but it is rare. In the UK there is a housing shortage; this is not the case in France and as a result property prices do not shoot up as in some areas of the UK. There is no “boom and bust” in France. In Brittany there are plenty of properties available, plenty of land and plenty of space. Most towns always have building plots for sale and this tends to hold down the re-sale value of newer homes (if a house is too expensive a buyer can just buy the next plot and build their own with a ten year guarantee).

Breton homeThis is fine for those who want to live in a town but building in the countryside is now strictly regulated and restricted so people looking for a rural property or something with land have no choice but to buy existing properties. Unlike modern houses older properties cannot be replaced. From renovation projects to properties already modernised; Brittany boasts some of the finest stone cottages, houses, barn conversions and mills in the world. For many buyers this is the Brittany dream but remember there are plenty on the market. Why is yours that dream home?

Neo-Breton HouseIn-between is the Neo-Breton style house. Unfortunately they have lost popularity over recent years because these 30-50 year old properties are getting dated and often need modernising (standards in electricity and insulation have changed a lot in 50 years). If you have done work on your Neo-Breton this should be a strong selling point, if you have not don’t be too greedy. There are many good points about the Neo-Breton houses: the typical large garage and basement; often they have a decent sized garden (whereas new builds today have smaller plots); sometimes built in locations that would not be permitted today.

Despite being largely rural a house in Brittany with no neighbours is rare and sought after!!

It is important to remember in France that an estate agent is paid for and works for the buyer. In the UK the seller pays the estate agency. Breizh Biens has been deisgned to put together buyers and sellers directly: no middle man, no fees. Last year 80% of property sales in France where private, saving the buyer thousands of euros.

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